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Sing Better

Ready to develop your voice and gain control with fun and healthy techniques? Online and In-person lessons are offered for this!

Play Now

Rusty on the keys or, want to jam out on the uke? Beginning piano and ukulele students are having a blast! Join us, in-person! 

Perform Better

Freezing up when you hit the stage? Not anymore, come unlock your full potential! Online and in-person lesson are offered for this. 

Let's get you performing happier and healthier.

Performing can be fun but let's be honest, there's no fun in doing it when it doesn't feel free or easy!

If you're ready to develop your abilities for the stage and home with fun and healthy techniques, Mikah and Music is 100% for you. From private lessons to online courses, you are going to become the artist you have always wanted to be. 

Struggling to develop a voice that you love? 

Most aspiring singers struggle to develop their voice because they rely on self-training and YouTube tutorials that only provide limited benefits. While these resources can be helpful, they often lack the personalized attention and feedback necessary for significant improvement. This is where Mikah and Music comes in! With private 1:1 voice lessons, you will go from struggling to develop your voice to singing better than you ever thought possible. Certified expertise provided with  tailored guidance and support to help you reach your full potential, no matter what level you're starting from. So why settle for mediocre singing when you can become a true vocal performer with Mikah and Music? Book your lesson today and start your journey towards singing free! 

Need an encouraging and understanding music teacher? 

It's all too common for adults and children who want to learn an instrument to be held back by a fear of not being good enough. But here's the thing: the joy of learning and growing as a musician or actor should never be overshadowed by self-doubt or fear of judgment. At Mikah and Music, everyone has the potential to learn and thrive in their craft. That's why  piano and ukulele lessons are offered, and not only are they fun and engaging, but also supporting and encouraging. Mikah is passionate about helping students of ALL  ages develop their talents, and does so with a warm and welcoming approach. So if you're ready to start your musical journey without fear or intimidation, join Mikah and Music to experience the joy of making music for yourself!

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" Mikah has worked with our daughter to help her with her breath support and control. She helped her get ready for Acapella auditions and she made it! Mikah has a stunning voice and is incredibly talented. She has been so supportive of our daughter and we are excited to continue to take lessons. " 

" She is extremely professional and I saw so much improvement in 2 lessons that I didn’t see in four years of lessons with another voice coach. "

" Mikah is amazing at vocal analyzation and reparation. She has taken my singing to the next level and helped me fix vocal habits that have plagued me for years. She offers great virtual lessons and feedback. Thank you for your help Mikah! "

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Performing Arts Academy Lessons 

In today's world, the performing arts have become more important than ever as a means of self-expression and connection. Numerous studies have shown that participating in the arts can have a positive impact on mental health, creativity, and even physical well-being. In fact, according to a report by the National Endowment for the Arts, people who participate in the arts report lower rates of anxiety, depression, and stress then those who do not. For children, in particular, the benefits of acting classes and lessons can be immense. Acting can help build self-confidence, social skills, and empathy, as well as encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking. Singing can help increase endorphins, reading skills, and increase self-awareness


So if you've been putting off pursuing your passion for the performing arts, now is the time to dive in and give it a shot. At Mikah and Music - Performing Arts Academy there is a wide range of classes and lessons available for all ages and skill, taught by Mikah herself, an experienced, certified, and passionate instructor. Join today and experience the transformative power of the performing arts for yourself or your child!

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At Mikah and Music it is understood that not everyone has had positive experiences with music or acting lessons in the past. Maybe you've been criticized or discouraged by a teacher, or perhaps you just didn't click with the teaching style or curriculum. Whatever the reason, we sympathize with the frustration and disappointment that can come from feeling like you've hit a roadblock in your artistic journey. Mikah is here to help heal that wound and provide a fresh start for aspiring singers and instrumentalists. With a warm and welcoming approach, she tailors the lessons to each student's individual needs and goals, providing the personalized attention and support necessary for meaningful progress. Whether you're looking for voice lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons, or acting lessons, Mikah is here to help you rediscover the joy and excitement of learning and performing. So don't let past negative experiences hold you back - join us, fill out the form and try a lesson to see if it would be a good fit! 

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