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"Your voice has so much power and you deserve to showcase your voice in a happy, healthy, and confident way."  

A Child Singing

What Is Mikah + Music? 

"Mikah and Music" is a small business that caters specifically to the needs of aspiring musicians and audiences of all kinds whose purpose is to help music positively touch lives. 

Established in 2018, "Mikah and Music" began solely as an online singing studio and has since expanded exponentially. 

Mikah's students have won vocal competitions such as "You, God's Music", and many are pursuing careers as full and part time performers in the world of music. 

Students are provided with materials such as sheet music, practice logs, and personalized notes to help encourage the development of their voice. All students are expected to practice in between lessons in order to advance their voice. 

Mikah is dedicated to helping each student connect to their full voice while discovering the freedom that comes with singing. She will provide you with a firm and healthy technique while educating you on how the voice functions. 

Performing Opportunities

Mikah offers each student the chance to participate in recitals, performances, and karaoke nights. These events give opportunities to build confidence in performing and meet others in the music industry. 


Learn how to perform in a proper setting 


Learn how to hype up a crowd and sustain your voice while singing and dancing 

Karaoke Night

Enjoy singing some of your favorite songs with other voice students.

About Mikah

Mikah is a wife and mother who as a little girl dreamed to become a musician and singer. She is a highly recommended performer, vocal instructor, and music teacher. She has sung with and worked along side well known Utah artists such as Mat and Savannah Shaw, Gentri, Madelyn Paige, and Nathan Pacheco.  From acting, dancing, singing, and continued education, Mikah has developed a background in performing. Having the chance to work with and be trained by former Juilliard alumni and instructors like Johnny Ramye and Kambi Gathesha, Mikah has developed and nurtured her love of performing for audiences by performing in musical theatre, concerts, orchestras, and more.
Having a background as a para-educator for five years in the school system, Mikah has loved working with people of all ages, races, genders, religions, and backgrounds! She has taught multiple students who have a variety of special needs.

As a vocal coach, she has provided engaging and unique vocal training to singers from around the globe. Her shared online education has reached over 5,000 students and her studio operates through virtual private lessons and in-person lessons upon request. 



Vocal Pedagogy 
The Institute of Vocal Advancement 

Certified as a vocal instructor through the "Institute of Vocal Advancement" Mikah plans to continue her education through this institute for vocal pedagogy. She has learned so much and continues studying which helps clients even more. She has access to resources and connections from around the globe.


Piano Pedagogy

88Keys With Bridget

Mikah has gradually studied with Bridgett Jhonson to learn more piano pedagogy. Mikah will only be taking beginners, to sign up please email

2017 - 2018 

Music Pedagogy 
Snow College 

Mikah studied through Snow College to gain training and education in music pedagogy. She also worked closely with Dr. Michael Huff to gain experience in choral vocal pedagogy. 

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