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Music and Performance  Education Services 

MUSIC Services from MIKAH and MUSIC 

Increase Confidence, Increase Performance


Online Lessons

Online voice lessons are just as effective  as in-person lessons. As long as you have access to a good internet connection through a phone, computer, or tablet with a webcam.... then you are set. Online lessons take place through 2 different sources - Zoom or Forte! You will need to download one of these prior to your lesson, please make sure your audio settings for zoom are set to "Suppressed background noice" - low. Information regarding a link to your virtual lesson will be sent in your confirmation email.


There can be a slight delay in virtual calls so I will ask that you play the track on your end through the device you are calling on, or a separate device. This is not always the case sometimes I am able to play things for you. 

The best part about online lessons is that they can be done from the comfort of your home on your timeline. I have students from around the world who take online and they love it! All of your materials are emailed to you for your convince, and if you don't want to print something out... you don't have too. You can view it from your device while we are on the call. All lessons are recorded and sent to your email through a platform called "We Transfer". 

Hope to see you online soon! 


When it comes to in-person music lessons at our family-owned business, you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere where learning and creativity thrive. Our experienced instructor works closely with each student to provide personalized guidance and support, tailored to their individual needs and goals. In our comfortable and well-equipped lesson rooms, you'll have the opportunity to develop your skills and talents in a supportive and encouraging environment.  At our music school, we believe that learning music should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and we do everything we can to ensure that our students feel comfortable and inspired every step of the way. Join us today and discover the joy of making music!

Hope to see you soon! 

Studio Policies

The client understands that memberships are for four to three  individual lessons, one lesson per week equaling four lessons in a month for a total of three months. The client will receive 12 or 9 lessons in total over the span of three months. 


The client understands that this is a locked in contract, your account will be charged on the first day of every month for three months. Students must communicate for cancellations within 24 hours of the lesson time in order to receive full make up credit. Clients are not permitted to have more than two make up lessons in a month, all make up credit must be fulfilled within a week from the previously scheduled date (certain circumstances will permit longer) in order to receive the make up credit. If this is not done the make up credit will be expired.


The client may book additional 1:1 lessons at full price. The student/client is aware that the membership service is discounted. 


Students will have full access to student notes, warm ups, and recordings! Students must have access to "Forte" through a computer or laptop for the easiest form of this, if the student does not have access to a laptop or computer zoom is acceptable.


The client is obligated to arrive on-time and contact the instructor if conflicts occur. The student will be given the remaining amount of time if the student is late. The teacher will match the students' time so they may receive a full lesson if the teacher is running behind or conflict occurs on the teacher's end.


Students will receive the opportunity to showcase their new-found knowledge in a recital. These are open to students who continue with lessons and take a minimum of one lesson per month. Recitals will take place the first Saturday of June and the first Saturday of December. 


Aggression, verbal abuse, or any other form of disrespect or non-compliance towards the owner, teacher, and studio will grant immediate termination of lessons. If the termination of lessons occurs charges will continue through a full three months due to studio terms and conditions of it being locked in membership.

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Most see improvement after just the first lesson. You will never walk out of the studio without some sort of improvement! Upon lessons the more you put in the more you get out.


Refunds are NOT provided for lessons, online courses, programs, workshops, master classes, or live events. 


I recommend that you take private lessons on a weekly basis. There is ALWAYS something to learn with your voice. I myself still take lessons because you can never learn too much. 


Courses for people who prefer self paced instruction, and more will be available 2024

Personal guidance and support provided to each and every student

Personalized notes and feedback from each lesson

Guided tracks, recordings, and audio files for each student

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