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Online Voice Lessons: Learn to sing from ANYWHERE

Are you interested in online lessons but hesitating because you’re not sure they will work or you are unsure what they are like? Here’s some frequently asked questions regarding online lessons and the answers to those.

#1. What Do I Need To Have For Online Voice Lessons?

You will need access to good WiFi, and good internet connection through a phone, laptop, or other electronic device. You will also need a webcam attached to the device or if the device already has it then that’s wonderful.

#2. What about delays?

There are typically always slight delays in virtual calls. This is why in the lesson I would not be able to play the piano at the same time that you sing. The best virtual platform for less delays is Skype so I recommend downloading that and creating yourself a profile and friending me.

#3. What If we lose connection during a lesson?

Typically you are sent a link to your lesson if we lose connection you simply click on that link again and depending on the circumstances I will match your time if the delay from disconnecting is 2 - 3 minutes long. But this is why it’s important to make sure you have a good connection in your house and are in a good room that you know will allow the call to run smoothly.

Interested in trying out an online voice lesson to see how it goes? Email with the code “MMBLOG” on and receive 18% off on a 30 minute voice lesson!

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