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Splishy-Splash Fun: Crayola's Bath Time Products For Kids

Bath time – a cherished ritual for kids and parents alike. I belive that bath time is essential to a good bedtime and or morning-time routine, if missed the day or night is flip flopped. It's that magical moment of the day/night when our little one get to enjoy the soothing embrace of warm water while we get the opportunity to bond with him. In our household, the bathtub is not just a place to get clean, but a canvas for creativity and quality time.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Olsen we have discovered the beauty of Crayola's innovative bath products, and our bath time adventures have taken a colorful and exciting turn! In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of Crayola's bath tub products for kids, and how they've transformed our bath time routine into a joyous, imaginative experience and can do the same for you and your family.

Bathtub Bonding and Learning:

Bath time is more than just a hygiene routine – it's a chance for parents to engage with their children in a fun and meaningful way. Our son gets giggly and wiggly when he sees his new Crayola Color Bath Dust fizzing and transforming the water into vibrant hues. This water-soluble dust add's an element of surprise and anticipation, making bath time an adventure every day. As he splashes and plays, we get to read his favorite stories aloud. The bathtub becomes a mini-library, a place where learning and laughter intertwine. I would link this product below so that you can purchase it however, we have not been able to find the product online anywhere, it seems to only be in stores like Walmart or Target!

Unleashing Creativity:

For our budding artist, bath time doubles as a canvas with Crayola's Bathtub Finger Paint. This washable paint allow him to channel his creativity onto the bathtub walls – a masterpiece that easily rinses away after the fun is done. It's heartwarming to see him "draw" stories with his bath time artwork, (he's two he doesn't know what drawing is yet). As parents, we cherish the chance to witness his imagination come to life in this unconventional setting.

Product Link: Crayola Bathtub Finger Paint

Product Link: Crayola Bath Dropz

Sensory Exploration:

Crayola's Color Bath Dropz are also amazing, the link is also attached here, but that isn't the only sensory delight in our bath time arsenal. The Crayola Bath Slime brings an element of tactile exploration that never fails to captivate the attention of children. Its gooey texture and playful colors engage senses, turning bath time into an exciting sensory experience. Plus, the easy-clean formula ensures that the slime doesn't leave any mess behind.

Product Link: Crayola Bath Slime

Educational Entertainment:

As parents, we're always on the lookout for products that combine fun and learning, especially since we want to homeschool our little bug once he's reached an old enough age, (post coming on that soon as well). I have heard through the grapevine that Crayola's Color Twist Bath Bombs do just that. They create a vividly colored bath but also introduce basic concepts of color mixing. Most children love dropping items into the bath tub and if your child does this is definitely a product you will want to get for them.

Product Link: Crayola Color Twist Bath Boms

Bath time is a cherished part of our daily/nightly routine, and Crayola's wonderful bath products have elevated this experience to a whole new level. From colorful baths that ignite the imagination to sensory exploration and educational entertainment, these products have become staples in our household. Our son's joy and laughter fill the bathroom as he discovers, learns, and creates during these special moments.

If you're looking to transform bath time into an adventure of creativity and connection even further please take a look at our families amazon store front. Why wait? Dive into the world of colorful bath time with Crayola's delightful products, and watch your child's imagination flourish while making unforgettable memories.

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