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FREE VOICE LESSONS: February 2023 special

Updated: Feb 9

I can’t believe I am going through with this, I hesitated doing this very much but for the month of February there will be free voice lessons offered to anyone interested! Okay sweet, but what’s the catch?

The catch is that you get one free 30 minute voice lesson online - only if you subscribe to my email! This offer is good from now to the 27th of Feb, 2023 and the lesson must take place before the 28th of Feb.

Why should I Do A FREE Lesson With You?

Because as a certified vocal instructor I have the ability to help pinpoint problem areas within your voice and create a lesson plan tailored specifically to you which will help you reach the goal of singing with ease and tapping into your true voice. If you are interested in hearing what my clients have to say you can click this link to read my clients reviews on their singing lessons experience with me.

How do I sign up after I subscribe?

You’ll receive a direct email from me after you subscribe and we will coordinate a time and date for your online voice lesson, you will be sent a zoom link to your free 30 minute voice lesson, it will be recorded for you to keep and review back too.


But why free?

Since I was a little girl my parents have gifted each child with a Valentine's Day Gift to show their appreciation and love toward us. I have found this tradition to be fun and wanted to apply it to my teaching. In addition to this I find that the more I teach the more I learn and it allows for me to become an even better vocal coach. Even with all the training I have had I am always learning and each voice is so different you never know what you will learn or remember from your training.

For more information regarding Mikah as a voice teacher you can follow her instagram account: @mikahandmusic, her facebook: Mikah And Music - Singing Lessons, or read about her on her website here


Comment below if you signed up for the email subscriptions to get your free vocal assessment this month! Can't wait to see you in the studio.

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