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The Power Of Your Voice: How To Sing Without Fear

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- Mikah Wonders

Singing Without Fear - Singing With Power

Why is it that when we go to sing there sometimes tends to be a lump in the back of the throat? "I've got a frog in my throat hold on, hold on" I remember that feeling so well it's like it was yesterday... oh wait it was!

This feeling is not just in singing it's also in speaking - but you see the thing is singing and speaking connect, they're like a river and a dam. Both carry water but the structure to hold that water is not the same and yet it feels so familiar why can't a damn hold the same amount of water in the same way that a river can?

Our voice is built in one way with one goal.

Talk - Speak - Inform - Speak Out, Speak Up, Deliver, Reveal!

We were not built to be silent and even if you don't have the ability to talk there are multiple ways of communicating - that communication is your song. You are speaking up, and informing. We are supposed too we have to use our ability to communicate in some way!


Your voice is the ultimate powerhouse to your community, your way of life, values - I could go on and on but the biggest thing is that if you don't use your voice for yourself you will stay quiet your whole life! And when you realize that everyone else around you is using their powerhouse you can not compare, you can not limit yourself based off of the view of another person. You have the right to sing without fear and to speak without fear they are the same they just hold different amounts of weight.

If you are afraid to say what's on your mind then the best way to start out it to sing what's on your mind, you will feel so relieved to get it off your chest and to let the notes fly out of your mouth! So below I have listed some tips that can help a person sing without fear and speak without fear.

Tip #1 - Start On Your Own

Find a private space to start singing, you don't need anyone to know your power yet.

Tip #2 - Express Yourself Unlimited

When you sing choose songs that help express your feelings. Are you mad about the price of gas? Good choose a song that's a bit more rock and roll with a heated tone to it - learn it - blast it - sing it!

Tip #3 - Get Out

Hit up your first karaoke bar or karaoke space and just go to town on everything you've been working on in private. Sing the songs you've been wanting to tell someone. Let it OUT! Fill the space with you.

Tip #4 - Act It Out

Become a completely different person for a second, act the song out like CRAZY and when you're done look around - where are you? Who did you just sing in front of? You are amazing, you got this.

Tip #5 - Finish Strong - Say What You Mean

You're finally able to sing songs without fear imagine what you can say without fear - it's all from your heart and what you need to get off your chest or what you feel like you need to say. Go say it! Maybe it's "Hey dude i didn't appreciate the way you talked to me, next time watch your tongue" just say it.

In the end we all get afraid to sing and say what we really want to without fear but if we practice and have patience then our true voices shine through! To learn more on singing with your true voice contact or see

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