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The Joy Of Gardening: Planting for Newbies

Embracing a New Green Adventure in Zone 7a

My family and I moved from Utah to Tennessee and in the process I decided that I needed a new hobby to help me cope with the move and I choose something I've never really done that doesn't interest me a whole lot but something we can get a big reward from as a family. Here's what I am learning so far.

Gardening is SO AMAZING! It's a very captivating hobby that brings nature's wonders right to your doorstep. For those new to this world of blooms and foliage, the transition for us as a family from arid landscapes to the thriving possibilities of Zone 7a has been nothing short of magical. In Utah gardening challenges were everywhere due to harsh conditions, #snowfordays so gardening was not even a thought in my little mind! But holy cow the land of Tennessee 7a - she's a fertile little thing! So let us delve into the marvels of gardening and how it can become a truly rewarding hobby for newcomers.

Green Paradise for Plant Lovers

Zone 7a has relatively mild winters and warm summers, this provides an ideal environment for a wide variety of plants to flourish. If you're looking for green, you've found it! From vibrant flowers to luscious vegetables, the opportunities for cultivating a diverse garden are seriously endless. Zone 7a offers longer growing seasons and milder temperatures, making it easier to nurture both cool-season and warm-season plants. Needless to say we as a family are VERY excited about the little veggie garden we have been cultivating it is blossoming so quickly!

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit: The Joy of Plant Selection

One of the most exciting aspects of gardening is the ability to choose from a plethora of plants that thrive in your zones conditions. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of roses, the vibrancy of zinnias, or the practicality of growing your own herbs and vegetables, there are many zones that caters to a wide range of preferences. As a newcomer, I took the time to research and experiment with different plant varieties, discovering which ones resonate with our gardening aspirations, we've discovered we aren't plant people but rather we are 100% garden people! So play around and find out what you love.

From Novice to Green Thumb: Nurturing Your Garden

Starting a garden, especially in a new zone, can feel a little overwhelming, but with Zone 7a's forgiving climate, the chances of success are greatly increased. Begin with the basics – preparing the soil, selecting the right location for the garden, and providing proper watering and care. Don't hesitate to seek advice from local nurseries or gardening communities, as they can offer valuable insights tailored to the unique characteristics of whatever zone you are living in!

Embracing the Beauty of Humidity: A Gardener's Paradise

Let's talk about humidity levels, because the humidity out here is disrespectful but it provides you with SO many options for gardening and planting. While some may find higher humidity challenging, gardeners in higher humidity zones have the luxury of growing plants that thrive in moisture-rich environments. Tropical plants like hibiscus and ferns, which might struggle in a dry climate now have the opportunity to thrive and add a touch of exotic beauty to a garden that is in a more humid location.

The Therapeutic Rewards of Gardening: Mind, Body, and Soul

Gardening isn't just about plants; it's a journey that fosters personal growth and well-being. I'm freaking loving my gardening experience so far and I am not one that enjoys getting dirt on her hands but with this experience I am more than excited. The act of tending to my garden, watching plants bloom under our care, and connecting with the earth has been incredibly therapeutic. It's a stress-relieving activity that encourages mindfulness and provides a sense of accomplishment as you witness the literal fruits (and flowers) of your labor. It's reminded me of how incredible God's hand in this world is. If you believe in a higher power and or are religious in anyway I highly recommend you get into gardening and planting!

Cultivating Dreams in a Garden Haven

As a newcomer to gardening, I have discovered the canvas of possibilities. With a favorable climate it makes it easy! Abundant plant choices, and the immense satisfaction that comes with nurturing life, gardening in Zone 7a is more than a hobby – it's a journey of growth, creativity, and connection with nature. Embrace this green adventure, and let your garden thrive as you explore the beauty and wonder of your zone! Comment below what zone you are, and lets become gardening buddies!

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