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Tips And Truths About Singing: Introducing My Blog

Welcome to My Blog, Feel Free To Sing Along!

By: Mikah Wonders (Mikah And Music)

Have you ever sung something and it just doesn't feel or sound right to you? Finding your voice can be a difficult, frustrating, and even sometimes an overwhelming mess. Knowing that you are singing in a healthy, comfortable, and engaging place can be difficult and even dangerous without proper instruction from a vocal coach, voice teacher, singing teacher, you name it! Taking voice lessons is a great step for developing and figuring out your true voice. From beginning to advanced singers I have helped many people from all over discover healthy singing habits, and provided great knowledge into the function of the voice. As someone who consistently studies through a private institute and has a vocal pedagogy educational background I pride myself in making sure each of my students discover and use their true authentic singing voice. No matter what the age, from 3 years old to 100, I will help you get where you need and want to be.

Photographer: Ellie Nicole

Find a teacher, I highly recommend looking at my page! Find a teacher that you will get along with, someone that knows their stuff, and someone who provides honest and good feedback.

Try Out A Lesson

If you want to develop a healthy singing voice you've got to try out at least one lesson. Through the first lesson with me you get an assessment where I listen to your voice and give you exact feedback of where your voice may currently be at and how I can help you strengthen, develop, or expand your voice. Find a teacher that will tell you the honest truth about your voice and accept the honest truth knowing that you can grow and improve from there. We can always learn more.

Be Consistent And Patient

You only get so much from youtube, and singing tips. There is nothing better than taking private or group lessons and being professionally coach to become the singer or develop the voice you want to develop. Be proactive as you can in lessons. Ask any singing teacher and they will recommend at least once a week for the most development, but you have to remember that every voice is different, every brain is different and some people grasp certain concepts slower or faster. Either way if you are patient with yourself and with your teacher whomever that may currently or soon be.... you will find yourself with a healthy happy voice.

Find a teacher, connect with them, schedule your first lessons and continue from there on, do not give up on yourself if you think you are not good enough, you will BECOME good enough but it takes professional guidance. To schedule your first discounted assessment lesson click the following link and comment below if you'll be trying out a lesson with me.

For more singing tips and facts you can stay up to date with Mikah's vocal studio and her performances at you can also get more tips and tricks by following on instagram by clicking this link >> or by joining the private facebook group linked here

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