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The Holistic Singers Retreat is a three-day event designed to get you out of your comfort zone by utilizing scientifically proven technique's which allow you to access your authentic voice, and be comfortable with who you are and where you are at in life. This retreat will help you unlock more than just your sound and create clarity in your life through movement, individual performance, group performance, and much more.


This retreat will take place in the summer of 2024 in-person at Utah, USA! It's for anyone that wants to access true authenticity in one's self, improve your voice, and dive deep into the healing aspects that come from singing and creating sound. No previous singing experience is required and you do not have to be a professional singer in any means. There will be a few seasoned singers selected to have an extra unique eye opening opportunity and experience what it's like to access your authentic voice specifically for the performing arts aspect which will help you with your auditions and gigs.  


In this retreat you will create a list of songs and music movements that will help you heal from previous unsolved traumas. These songs and music movements will open up an entirely new pathway of life for you, allowing freedom in your regular day to day voice and your singing voice. 

The holistic singers retreat is a vulnerable, warm, safe space for all types of people. 

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- Deeper look into the soul, for a more authentic voice 

- Healing of past unresolved traumas for peace 

- Power to control the voice 

- An understanding of vocal registers 

- Wider vocal range 

- Physical connection and understanding 

- Better Communication Tools 


For those who wish to attend online you will be provided with the same workshops live and any helpful PDF documents will be sent directly to you via email. 

You will have a separate schedule catered specifically to help your online experience be powerful and enlightening! 



- Three delicious lunches each day

- Beverages and Waters

- Accommodations for overnight stay

- Group bonfire and music gatherings 

- A Beautiful Mountain Valley Hike

- Free-time to relax and rejuvenate 

- Karaoke each evening to help you connect and have fun 

- In depth workshops with professionals and discussions to help you access your true voice and discover your singing voice

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