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Ukulele Lessons

What a wonderful instrument to pick up on! Beginning ukulele lessons are fantastic for adults and kids. Often adults learn the uke to engage with others during summer seasons as it is a very popular campfire instrument to have around.

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30 MIN.

Recommended for all ages! Once beginning students pass the level they are referred to an intermediate and advanced teacher. This option is wonderful for children with special needs! Lessons take place in-person and online.


Packaged lessons are discounted for individuals who are willing to commit to regular recurring lessons once a week for a minimum of  3 -6 months, please click the link to see pricing.

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Benefits Of Uke Lessons

Beginning Ukulele lessons are beneficial to children and adults, learning to play the ukulele offers a multitude of benefits. It can help you  improve hand-eye coordination, memory, and concentration. It can also help develop  creativity and confidence, setting you up for success in all areas of life.


Playing the ukulele can also be a great way to reduce stress levels and improve cognitive function! But the benefits of ukulele lessons don't stop there! Learning to play the ukulele can  help improve fine motor skills and coordination, which can be beneficial for people of all ages! It's also a great way to express your creativity and connect with others through music.

Ukulele lessons are personalized for beginning students of all ages. Mikah will work with you to develop a customized lesson plan that suits your goals and interests. So why not give it a try? All beginners are welcome, discover the joy of playing the ukulele!


The ukulele is a small, four-stringed instrument with a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the 19th century. The instrument was first developed in Hawaii in the 1880s by Portuguese immigrants who brought with them a similar instrument called the machete. The machete was transformed into the ukulele, which means "jumping flea" in Hawaiian, due to the instrument's small size and quick, lively sound (source: The Guardian).

The popularity of the ukulele quickly spread throughout Hawaii and eventually made its way to the mainland United States, where it became a staple in popular music during the early 20th century (source: Smithsonian Magazine). The ukulele's light, cheerful sound made it a popular instrument for singers and songwriters, and it was frequently featured in radio broadcasts and live performances.

During the mid-20th century, the popularity of the ukulele waned, but it experienced a resurgence in the 21st century thanks to artists like Eddie Vedder and Jake Shimabukuro (source: The New York Times). Today, the ukulele is used in a wide range of musical genres, from traditional Hawaiian music to pop, rock, and folk. Beginners are welcome to join us and continue the legacy of ukulele playing for generations to come.

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