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What is "holistic", what is the "IAM" technique?

What's the IAM technique? A holistic therapeutic method involving various techniques. These include meditation, Reiki, use of Chakras, relaxation therapy, and guided visualizations

Holistic therapies have gained widespread popularity and recommendation due to their comprehensive approach to addressing individuals' physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These therapies recognize the interconnectedness of various aspects of a person's life and aim to promote balance and harmony within the body and mind. Unlike traditional medical approaches that often focus solely on treating specific symptoms, holistic therapies consider the entire person, taking into account lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and environmental factors. This comprehensive perspective resonates with many individuals who seek a more personalized and natural approach to healing. Moreover, holistic therapies often emphasize prevention and self-care, empowering individuals to take an active role in their health and well-being. As a result, the integration of holistic therapies into healthcare and wellness regimens has become increasingly common and recommended, reflecting a growing understanding of the importance of addressing the multifaceted nature of human health.

To schedule a service please click schedule and fill out the following information. Pricing will be sent to you before scheduling takes place. Holistic work can be very sacred, so I do require a description of your current situation in order to better serve you, all information is kept private.



Meditation Session - 30 minutes

Perfect for individuals looking to explore meditation techniques and relaxation

Chakra Balancing Session - 45 minutes

Designed for clients interested in understanding and balancing their energy centers

Guided Visualization Session - 30 minutes

For those seeking guided imagery to enhance relaxation and self-awareness


Meditation Session - 45 minutes

Experience deeper meditation with personalized guidance.

Chakra Balancing - 30 minutes 

Comprehensive session focusing on balancing and aligning chakras

Guided Visualization - 60 minutes

In-depth  journey for self-discovery and personal growth


Stress Relief Package

Includes three 30 minute meditation sessions. Suitable for individuals seeking stress reduction and relaxation

Energy Alignment Package

Includes two 45 minute chakra balancing sessions and one 40 minute guided visualization session. Ideal for clients looking for balance their energy and enhance self-awareness

Transformational Journey Package

Includes one 60 minute meditation session, one 45 minute chakra balancing session, and one 60 minute guided visualization session. Designed for a holistic approach to personal transformation.

Chakra Singing Studio

Self-discovery and sonic exploration awaits. Here, we believe that the human voice is not just an instrument of sound, but a powerful conduit to unlock the depths of one's being. Our studio is dedicated to the harmonious alignment of your inner energies through the seven main chakras, those spinning wheels of vitality that govern various aspects of your life. Through specialized vocal techniques and meditative practices, we guide you on an odyssey that traverses the realms of your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. As you delve into each chakra's unique essence, you'll unearth the truths that resonate within, allowing your voice to unfurl like petals, resonating with newfound clarity and authenticity. Join us in this profound venture, and embark on a transformative passage of self-awareness, where your voice becomes the vessel to explore the intricate tapestry of your own existence.

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